• Our Annual ‘Nannette’s Showcase’ is our biggest event of the year! This is more than a weekend dance event, it is a way for each of us to celebrate our personal growth as dancers and to look back at Showcase dancersthe completion of another wonderful year of dancing.

    What we promise is that each and every one who attends will enjoy the GREAT MUSIC! WONDERFUL PERFORMANCES! BEAUTIFUL, DELICIOUS HORS D’OEUVRES! LOADS OF GENERAL DANCING! GORGEOUS COSTUMES! and really experience  *FUN FUN FUN!!*

    At Showcase students dance choreographed routines in costume with their teacher (though we view our part as partner) to music of their choice. Between exhibitions you can practice your own skills to great music while the night moves on, or you can sample the most wonderful hors’ doeurvres at any dance event in Central Florida. This is the event that allows the students to show off what they’ve learned while friends, family and peers enjoy their success and cheer them on. There’s lots of general dancing, food and fun, and a cash bar is available should you or your party choose to purchase beer and wine. Our Showcase is an elegant gala; a formal event that’s not to be missed!

    ShowcaseTo see pictures of some of our past Showcase events please click on the “GALLERY” button above.
    Don’t Miss Out! The 2009 Showcase Really Is Just Around The Corner!

    Nannette’s Inc. DANCE & SHOWCASE

    Our 2009 SHOWCASE was held on September 12th at the First Christian Church in Orlando!

    It was wonderful, so don’t miss out next year…Make Plans to join the Fun!