• ALL DVDs $35.OO

    ALL BEGINNERS CLASS DVDs are available any time to registered students!

    INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED CLASS DVDs must be ordered and paid for before the end of the eight week session.

    One picture is worth a thousand words! The Class DVDs are a valuable learning tool. They not only help you retain what you learn in class but also reinforce your steps for years to come. Class DVDs are the perfect way to Preview Patterns – You can have an idea of what we’re going to do in class and therefore learn it faster. Practice Effectively – What better way to practice than with an instructor in your livingroom? Review Later- It’s so much easier to review when you’re sure you’re doing what you were taught. This saves arguments, er, um discussions, too. DVDs are meant to enhance your learning of a class that you have taken or are taking. They are not meant to try to teach you the material.
    See how our students feel about the effectiveness of our DVDs……………

    Dancing lessons with Nannette brought back that youthful feeling! My partner and I took several classes and danced all around Orlando. Then life got in the way and we weren’t able to dance for a while. When we started back, we had forgotten a couple of steps, but Nannette has that covered with her DVDs. Our DVD refreshed and inspired us enough to dance one night til midnight and we are planning to dance around Orlando once again!

    Thanks Nannette, for giving us dance lesson’s for a lifetime. Melva Copely