• Couple DancingPrivate Lessons

    $80 per single or couple for each 55-minute lesson
    $25 per person (minimum 4 people) for each 55-min Semi-Private Lesson

    Private Lessons are one person or couple with one teacher. Or in the case of Semi-Private Lessons, four or more people with one teacher.
    All private lessons are taught in Longwood. 

    • Private lessons focus solely on YOU, the customer. Thus, the instructor can create a tailor-made lesson plan for you that addresses your motivations, learning style, and learning pace. Many reasons exist for taking private dance lessons but they usually fall into two main groups: competitive dancing and social dancing. If you have always wanted to participate in the exciting world of competitive ballroom dancing, lessons will be more tailored to developing the proper technique and learning flashy choreography. On the other hand, if you are looking for a broad introduction to the most popular dances, steps, and proper technique including how to lead/follow, social lessons would be better.
    • Private Lessons are a great way to augment your GROUP CLASSES. Having trouble with a step in class? Want a bit more style?  Interested in learning more detail about Lead, Follow, Footwork, Timing?  Want to learn a specific dance that we’re not teaching in a current Group Class?  Private Lessons are perfect for you!
    • Private lessons are also quite convenient as you can schedule your lessons at times that are convenient for you.
    • Progress Quickly because of the one-on-one instruction. This individualized, hands-on process enables the instructor to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to provide customization in greater detail.


    Lesson Options
    55-minute Lesson – $80 – REGISTER HERE
    55-min Semi-Private Lesson – $25 per person, minimum 4 people – REGISTER HERE