• Nannette

    Nannette has enjoyed teaching Ballroom Dance for 25 years and brings her sense of humor and joy to the classroom and dance floor for all of her students. She competed professionally in Ballroom Dance for 10 years, placing and winning in numerous dance competitions, and she and her partner were ranked sixth in the U.S. …a motivator and an outstanding example of her personal skill and commitment to dance. Nannette currently competes in Ballroom Dance Pro-Am and does show work with students and fellow professionals. Nannette is a Member of the National Dance Council of America.


  • Cathy

    Cathy has an extensive background in Jazz, Tap, and Ballet. You may have seen Cathy outside of our dance community as she performs at Disney as one of their top dancers, and performs Flamenco and Belly Dance as well. 

  • Dale


     Dale has done Pro-Am and professional show work with students who find his balance and skill easy to work with.