• What is Nannette’s Inc.?
    Nannette’s is a dedicated team of professional instructors headed up by Nannette Sweet to meet the needs of the Central Florida Ballroom Dancing community.

    What type of dance is taught at Nannette’s Inc.?
    At Nannette’s Inc. we teach Ballroom Dance. Ballroom is an all encompassing term that refers to all partner dances. That includes Foxtrot, Salsa, Waltz, Swing, Tango, Cha-Cha, Hustle, Rumba … and many more.

    How are Nannette’s Group Classes structured?
    Our classes are structured to provide sequential training from Beginners Classes that provide basics, for those who have never danced before, to advanced training for those who have moved through the ranks to a high level of social dance proficiency.

    • Most people begin with a Beginners Class.  You are welcome to take any class that says "Beginners".  All of the Beginners classes are geared toward starting you out right.
    • Beginners Classes focus on one dance at a time for the entire 8-week class period. Once you have completed an 8-week Beginners Class you will move on to another dance in the next 8-week class  period.
    • After completing a Beginners Class in a specific dance, you may take an Intermediate Class in that same dance.   Many people, though, choose to repeat the Beginners level to glean all of the information given and perfect their skills before moving on to the Intermediate level.  The same is true about graduating from Intermediate to Advanced level classes.

    What should I wear to class?
    Please feel free to wear any clothing you are comfortable in. Most people dress fairly casual. Some people come in whatever they wore to work that day.

    Do I need to come with a partner?
    No, no partner necessary! We change partners in class because that’s the best way to learn.

    Do we have to change partners?
    It is our policy to change partners in all group classes. The many, many reasons that we change partners are listed on the Change Partners To Learn Faster page. We greatly appreciate your class participation and promise that it will help you to learn better.

    How much do future classes cost?
    All Classes at Nannette’s Inc. cost the same $116 per person for each 8-week class, no added charges and no hidden costs.  Private Lessons cost $80 per couple for each 55-minute lesson.

    What kind of shoes should I wear?
    Smooth-soled shoes that stay on your feet are best. Backless shoes and tennis shoes, or rubber-soled shoes are the hardest to learn in.  We also sell Ballroom Dance Shoes so let us know when you're ready to take a look at some.

    Do I need professional dance shoes?
    You will find that you want to purchase a good pair of professionally made dance shoes eventually. But it isn’t necessary in the beginning. Just follow the guidelines mentioned above and you will do fine.  Remember when you are ready to come and see us.