• Hello Everyone!

    We are always happy to see everyone having a good time in class.  Laughing and joking and greeting our dance friends is part of what class is all about.  To make sure that class stays fun for everyone here are a few points of decorum to use as a guideline during dance classes and practice parties.

    1.  Altoids.  At one time or another we’ve all raced into class after wolfing down a tuna fish sandwich or garlic filled Italian dinner.  That’s why we keep Altoids near the name tags.   Because dance forces you to be fairly close to your fellow dancers.  Please use the Altoids freely!!

    2.  Speaking of being close to your fellow dancers…………. there’s a fine line between a nice, firm frame/lead and being overbearing or forceful.   Men please be careful that you’re not crossing over that line when dancing with the ladies.  We certainly don’t want to scare any of them off now do we?!

    3.  As mentioned above, we all want to have fun in class.  Joking and casual flirting is all a part of dance class.  In fact, it’s one of the best parts of class.   Just be sure that your jokes, flirtations, comments stay casual and tasteful.  It’s easy to misunderstand what might have been meant as a silly little flirtatious joke.  If you know a person will take a joke lightly then feel free.  Otherwise smiles and politeness are always a winner.

    4.  Everyone learns at a different rate and in different ways.  Please remember to be patient and understanding while everyone learns their own part.

    5.  Just as important as number 4 is to be patient with yourself.  If you are not tense and upset chances are your partners will not be either.

    6.  NEVER correct a fellow student!  That’s the teachers job.  Your job in class is to focus on your own learning and allow them to focus on theirs.  Even if you’re pretty sure you could help them, a word from you could be a devastating blow to a fragile dancer.  Besides, you never know whose fault mistakes are when everyone is learning.  A far more gracious approach is to assume the fault is your own or just smile and be reassuring.  Allow everyone to have a good time!

    7.  Always Thank Your Partners for the dance, whether in Class or at a function.  A genuine show of appreciation with a smile goes a long way.

    This is written, as always, with a smile and meant to be helpful.
    Please take it light heartedly but seriously.

    See you in class!