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    It is not necessary to purchase dance shoes to take our Beginners Dance Class. In fact, you never have to purchase Dance Shoes if you don’t want to. Smooth soled shoes that stay on your feet will work too. Rubber soled shoes, backless shoes and tennis shoes are the hardest to learn in. That said, however, it is a good idea to purchase Dance Shoes if you decide to continue with your dancing….and we hope you do!

    In any sport it’s important to have the right equipment. Dance shoes are designed specifically to help you dance with both style and comfort. A few differences between dance shoes and street shoes: the heel in women’s dance shoes is positioned directly under the leg to increase your balance, instead of at the edge of the shoe; straps and ties are designed to hold your foot comfortably and securely in the shoe; the steel shank only runs halfway down the sole of the shoe to give you complete flexibility of your foot; the soles are suede to increase ease of movement and control on most dance floors.

    Dance shoes usually cost $125 and up. Our shoes are designed by Nannette for Comfort, Durability and Stability. They are all Leather.  Every part that touches your foot is leather. The sole is leather.  The upper is Satin sewn to leather.  They are the most beautiful, comfortable dance shoes in the industry. They are available in many styles, materials and colors.
    But the best part is the cost……………..$95 per pair!

    Our shoes are the perfect shoes to wear for your special day!  We have some absolutely gorgeous women’s shoes available in white satin.  You can have them dyed later so you can continue to wear them. Or break tradition and wear a beautiful pair of silver with rhinestones or sparkling champagne colored shoes.
    The groom can order either all patent leather or just a patent leather front for even more comfort.  In either case they look terrific!  There’s no reason to wear uncomfortable shoes on your wedding day when you can wear these beautiful shoes and feel like you’re walking on little pillows.

    We also have GORGEOUS Custom Decorated Wedding Shoes.  They are stunning! Pictures coming soon…..

    Dance Shoes are available to try on and purchase at the monthly practice parties and before and after select classes. To inquire about shoes please contact us at:

    Call 386-532-2624  or  Text 407-340-7891

    Or Email  https://www.nannettesballroomdance.com/contact-us/